Circus Theme Birthday Party

Circus Birthday Party

Ladies and Gentleman and Children of All Ages

Here is the Birthday Party Your Kids Have Been Waiting For.

Vertical Kids Entertainment comes in with a whole circus entertainment for your guests. Imagine the kids coming to your party and seeing a large 8’x10′ circus tent backdrop, circus music playing, a circus ringmaster welcoming the kids and Petals the Clown making balloon creations for the kids! After the Big Show, Petals the Clown will lead everyone on a clown parade that will eventually lead them to the cake and ice cream table.

The Big Show

The ringmaster will get all of the kid’s attention and then it is time for The Greatest Show Not On Earth. The kids will be entertained with an hour of circus acts including juggling, Mike the Monkey puppet, and a circus themed magic show. After the show,  Petals the Clown or Earl the Ringmaster will lead everyone in the clown parade and then make balloon creations for all of the kids. This event is two hours of entertainment that you do not have to worry about.

Circus Birthday Party Video

Earl the Ringmaster juggling Ringmaster Earl Long and Petals the Clown Clown Joeys Ringmaster Earl Long and Green Scarf magic trick Ringmaster Earl Long magic trick Petals the clown with balloon

The fee for the Circus Birthday Party is $500