Big BubbleFest Events – For Festivals and Big Events

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Bubbles are awesome!!! And Yes, Bubbles and Festivals were made to be together. Huge giant Bubbles floating over a festival site really do add that extra WOW factor. Vertical Kids Entertainment out of the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach Area brings an Interactive Bubble Experience that provides the most bubbles you have ever seen in one place. Our goal is to provide you with high production value and many layers of guest involvement.

Bubble blowing and playing with bubbles is not merely children’s play. It is a fun, relaxing, creative activity for all ages and backgrounds. We create bubbles…millions and millions of them. We strategically place professional bubble-making equipment throughout the space, and these millions of bubbles create just the right atmosphere. It’s a wonderland of bubbles like something out of a fairy tale.

Having bubble stations at a party, festival, event or your own backyard provides hours of fun and entertainment! We provide the professional bubble solution that produces ginormous – beautiful – colorful bubbles, the tools (bubble wands, poles with tri string and single loop string, basins, buckets), bubble machines and our well-trained staff.  Your guests/patrons make the magic!

Vertical Kids Entertainment can provide your Event or Festival with many Fun Bubble Stations

Our Fun Bubble Stations are located throughout the event area and each features an activity or learning opportunity based around key bubble concepts like physics, shapes, or chemistry. Each station gives kids a hands-on opportunity to learn a lesson and immediately apply it using the materials provided.

Kid in a Bubble

Kid in a bubble at BubbleFest Events

What kid doesn’t want to be placed in a giant bubble? Here we stretch the laws of physics by creating a giant bubble around our young guests. By far, the must-do photo opp for everyone who attends. At most larger events, we operate multiples of this Fun Station to allow for more guest participation. Great sponsorship opportunity for branded event photos.

Shapes & Sizes

Kids love shapes, and this Fun Bubble Station provides the opportunity to create and test a huge assortment of bubble wands in different shapes and sizes. No matter how big, or how unusual the shape, the resulting bubble is always a sphere. This station reinforces lessons about shapes, allows preschoolers to comprehend comparisons between sizes, and teaches kids about the physics of why bubbles are always round.


Smokey Bubbles

At this Fun Station, kids get to mix bubbles with water-based theatrical smoke. The real fun is chasing and popping these bubbles, as each one explodes in a little puff of a cloud as they drift away.




Art – Make Your Own Bubble Wand

Kids get their creativity popping with a make-it and take-it project. Using a variety of objects like pipe cleaners, straws, and yarn, our staff help kids make their very own take-home bubble wand in whatever color, size, and shape they create.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Bubble!

Anything can be used to make bubbles…the more unusual the item, the better! Kids are invited to help repurpose a variety of recycled and reusable items which can all be used to make some very creative bubbles! Our recycling bins are overflowing with plastic containers, coat hangers, plumbing parts, kitchen utensils, flyswatters, takeout containers from restaurants in the shopping center, hardware, and more. Ideal sponsorship opportunity for a local municipality promoting recycling or waste hauling company.

Bubble Shop

Our Bubble Shop has a large selection of unique bubble souvenirs, educational materials, and more. Whether it’s a bubble gun shaped like a dinosaur or a unicorn, or take-home big bubbles kits, we have a quality item for everyone at reasonable prices.



Big Bubble Play Area

Big Bubbles are the most spectacular part of Vertical Kids Big Bubble Fest events and it draws a crowd. The Big Bubbles Play Area combines the visual excitement of giant bubbles–some as long as a bus, or as much as six feet in diameter, with audience participation. Kids and adults are able to use our professional bubble-making tools to make lots of small, medium and super large bubbles. Kids will be able to pop lots of bubbles!

 Bubble Chemistry

Chemistry is a big part of bubbles, and there is always a lot of guest curiosity around the idea of “what’s in your special bubble fluid?” as we make amazing bubbles of all shapes and sizes around the event. This Fun Station gives kids the chance to sample a variety of different bubble solutions–some of which will make bubbles, and some which won’t–to learn which ingredients are key to making a bubble solution.

Millions of Tiny Bubbles with our Foam Factory Foam Area

Imagine a heap of Sudsy, Refreshing Bubbles with all of your friends and family enjoying a Unique Experience Together! We show up with our giant foam cannon and fill your area with millions of tiny bubbles!

Our Foam Factory Team will set up and operate the foam canon, bring a loudspeaker with kid-friendly music and even include the beach balls!

Our Hypo-allergenic foam is safe for kids and pets. It is also biodegradable and is safe for the environment.

Bubble Wagons

At festivals and events, imagine bubbles everywhere providing joy to everyone who sees them and allows kids to have fun popping them. We can provide a bubble wagon or two pulled by one of our professional bubbleologists. They will provide thousands of bubbles small and large for kids to pop as they roam through the crowd. This will inevitably put smiles on faces and joy in their hearts. The Bubble Wagon is great for parades, festivals, concerts and other events.


***We can add a Comedy Family Magic Show, Comedy Magical Puppets Show, Close Up Magic, Balloon Twisting, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos or Juggling to any event. Call us for fees for these.