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Anti-Bully School Assembly Show.

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160,000 Kids Stay Home From

School Each Day to Avoid Being Bullied!


National Bullying Prevention month is every October.


 We have a wonderful school assembly to offer you that can help your school break through the bully barrier.

Did you know that… 

 Bullies identified by age 8 are SIX times more likely to have a criminal conviction by age 24.


When I heard that fact, I nearly fell off my chair. A problem such as bullying, so often swept under the rug with excuses like “it’s a normal part of growing up”, is so dangerous, that if we don’t do our part to fix it, terrible consequences will result.


BAND Together Bully Assembly Show

Imagine, if you will, an assembly program so perfectly structured that your students leave the program energized, motivated, and armed with strategies to ban bullying from your school, and your staff is thrilled with how educationally significant the program is.


Bullying is a problem across the country. This exciting 45-50 minute show combines magic, comedy, music, storytelling and audience participation to teach students in a fun and exciting way about bullying.


Bully awareness in schools is a giant step in ending the bullying epidemic, and this show is a great way to raise bully awareness!


The message of this show is contained in the word “BAND”:
B — be a buddy, not a bully

A — attitude, avoid, ask for help

N — nobody deserves to be bullied

D — don’t join in, help instead!

Using magic, audience participation, storytelling, and comedy, these points are brought to life and taught to students in a fun, entertaining way! This show can be booked anytime during the year.

untitledWhen booked, your school will receive advertising posters to promote our coming, a press release you can send to your local paper and news channel, review questions for the teachers to use after the show, as well as a coloring page and a full-color image of the color page to print off and use after the assembly.




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 Here are a few recommendations from schools that I have recently presented this program.

Testimonies and Recommendations

”The students, faculty, and staff really enjoyed Earl Long’s very entertaining magic show and the message it brought to all of us. We hope this will help stop any bullying that may occur in our school and help the students know what to do if this happens to them. We encourage anyone to book Earl Long to come to your school to do this program.

Mona Konode – School Counselor

Big Island Elementary School – Big Island, VA

”(During the assembly) it was astonishing to see how many of my students raised their hands to admit they had been bullied. As an administrator that’s very important for me to address and today’s assembly was a great initial start. Thanks, Mr. Long. You did a tremendous job. I look forward to having you back again.”

Dr. Rhonda Gainey – Principal

East Albemarle Elementary School – Albemarle, NC


 ”Our students and staff had a great and fun time participating in the program today. Mr. Long delivered a wonderful message that will carry our students through for a long time. His methods appealed to both adults and students and everyone was engaged the entire time. I encourage any school to bring in Mr. Long.”

Anne Faulkenberry – Principal

Millingport Elementary School – Albemarle, NC



“Wow! Our students just participated and enjoyed an amazing anti-bully assembly called BAND Together: No Bullies Allowed by Earl Long.

The students left with many excellent anti-bullying strategies. This is a fantastic program and I highly recommend it to raise bully awareness in your school.”

Mrs. Diane Swain – Principal

Sheffield Elementary School – Lynchburg, VA


“It was a great assembly that Mr. Long brought to our school. It was so nice to see the whole school participate in the program. He highlighted some of our key techniques and strategies that we use here against bullying. He had some great ideas to help us prevent bullying at our school.”

Amanda Lokar — Elementary School Counselor

Sandusky Elementary School — Lynchburg, VA


”The concepts in Mr. Long’s assembly show matched perfectly with our anti-bully program. One of his key words – Respect – has been our character word for this semester. His skills were great. His tricks kept the kids attention. I encourage you to invite Earl Long to present BAND Together: No Bullies Allowed in your school.”

Bill Ramsey – Principal

Ward L. Myers Elementary School – Munsey, PA


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