Big Bubble Play Parties

Bubble Play Parties poster

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Big Bubble Play Party

EVERYONE LOVES BUBBLES! Bubbles are Crazy Fun! Bubbles are welcome at any occasion. Bubbles are loved by all ages! Kids go crazy over BUBBLES!!!

An Amazing Hands-on Bubble Play for the Kids. Four Interactive Bubble Play Stations!!!

We come in with all of the bubble wands, professional bubble solution, kid friendly music and 4 bubble stations.

To see pictures of the Big Bubble Party Click Here.

Big Bubble Play Party Fees

  • Fee for Bubble Play -$195 for 1 to 50 kids (Up to 90 minutes)
  • $245 for 51-75 kids (Up to 120 minutes)
  • $295 for 76 - 100 kids (Up to 150 minutes)
  • Over 100 kids Call for Quote
  • For Festivals - Call for Quote


Giant Bubbles
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